Celebrity-style property search and relocation at prices everyone can afford

Greengrass Property works on London home and property buyers’ behalf

Until recently, agencies that act on the buyers’ behalf have been the preserve of celebrities and the very wealthy but two born and bred Londoners are aiming to change that perception. Laura Johnstone set up Greengrass Property to give buyers access to their very own Phil and Kirstie from TV’s Location, Location, Location, at prices ordinary people can afford.

Greengrass Property works with investors, developers, business owners, schools, individuals and families, plus a growing number of overseas property buyers who recognise that hiring a qualified buying agent is one of the best ways of gaining a competitive advantage in their property search.

Actually finding a property can be one of the biggest tasks, buyers are often intimated by the potential scale of their search. Currently, there are more than 150 agents operating in London which equates an awful lot of legwork. Greengrass uses the client’s brief to sift the wheat from the chaff, then compiles a shortlist of suitable properties for viewing. Because of Laura’s contacts, they have access to properties coming on to the market and frequently deal directly with sellers, which gives their clients an immediate edge on the competition.

Shortlisted properties are checked for any issues that could affect the price and once the client has found their ideal home or business property, Greengrass looks after all the necessary negotiations and legal aspects of completing the deal for clients. Understanding the ‘real’ value of a property is something buyers may not have experience in; the average person buys a property twice in their lifetime, so they don’t have the same detailed knowledge of ‘hidden’ issues that can bring down the price, such as shared access or planning permission for development on the doorstep.

In the current market, using a buying agent immediately informs sellers that a buyer is serious. Greengrass is also an expert at helping people who need to move quickly, whether for work purposes or because they have already sold their previous property. Once the deal is completed, Greengrass can also take care of the whole relocation package, from researching schools and catchment areas to commuting routes for the buyer.

So how much does it all cost? Greengrass charges a £500 retainer fee (which is deducted from the final bill)  and then 1% of the purchase price (for properties over £500,000) and a flat fee of £3000 for under £500,000.

People are at the heart of what we do, and we go the extra mile to get to know you, understand exactly what you want and find the perfect property to fit the bill.”